Watching a Video (a lazy way)

6 Things Beginning with R6 Things Beginning with R is a title of a famous Scott Thornbury’s presentation which can be easily found on YouTube and watched. I found this handout and decided to post it for several reasons: first of all, it reminded me of the times (a year ago? or five?) when getting a video with someone presenting was a luxury and when we got this CD we had a session in our school with all the teachers watching and taking notes. Now, of course, nothing is easier than watching online, or even participating in an online conference ‘live’, etc.

When I looked at the handout to this session, however, I suddenly thought that such questions perhaps can be asked about any (or almost any?) presentation we listen to. I remembered how I was creating this worksheet for teachers, and all I did was simply watching the presentation the night before and taking notes, and then turning those notes into questions.

I am curious how others approach their own note-taking of anything related to professional development in ELT. Do you have any special formats? Tricks? Tips? I am aware that perhaps not so many people are reading the questions at this very time and so I am smiling when I am typing these questions to myself 🙂

Thank you for reading! 🙂

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teacher educator, evidence-based instruction trainer, PD Coach
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