Is wording important at all?

I love questions. Sometimes I have many questions (much more than answers), from time to time I have too many. And there are also times when there are way too many questions in my head and I start to search for patterns between them.

This is how I got an idea for this collection of questions about the differences between ideas, concepts, terms or just words. Clarifying the difference is not always quick, and oftentimes just thinking about it and reading on the subject is already helpful.


Taken by Tana Ebaugh in Daegu, South Korea

I have never brought such a set of questions to teachers, but if there is a chance, I could perhaps create a warmer/filler like this, and then together think about the importance of questions in our professional development?

So, what is the difference between these:

  • Feedback session and Reflection session (on a training course)?
  • Participants and Trainees (on a training course)?
  • Positive feedback and Constructive feedback? (on a training course)?
  • PPP, PPU and ECRIF (in lesson planning/teaching)?
  • Task-Based Learning and ECRIF (in lesson planning/teaching)?
  • Subjective and Objective? Opinion and Fact? (in teacher thinking and in life in general)?
  • Error and Mistake (in preparing how to deal with them)
  • Correcting a mistake and Responding to a mistake (in lesson planning/teaching?)
  • Task and Activity (in lesson planning/teaching?)
  • Monitoring students and Listening to students (in class)
  • Beliefs and Stereotypes? (in teacher thinking and in life in general)?
  • Calling and Mission and Purpose (in life/in general)?
  • Time Management, Life Management and Attention Management (in life/in general)?

Questions and answers or just questions? At this point I am leaving only questions here. I might be getting back to this post making an attempt to answer, or… not.

I am curious about others: what questions are you searching answers for?

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teacher educator, evidence-based instruction trainer, PD Coach
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