A little thought about perfection

by Zhenya

One of those winter Saturdays when you catch a cold and have a chance to spend a quiet day at home with a TV show  on at the background. One challenge that young artists had to face today was to sing in a duo with a famous and experienced singer. One thing caught my attention in relation to teaching and learning: a star who was performing with a 15-year-old boy was holding the song’s lyrics in her hand (and referring to that paper a lot) and at one point forgot whose turn it was to sing a particular line.

One potential impression could be that she simply was under-prepared. Maybe. My other thought though was that she could have done that on purpose. Perhaps we teachers can help a learner by being imperfect?  Although acting imperfectly can take courage,it eventually might help the students shine. What kind of learning experience leaves more impact and change: having a teacher who is doing everything impeccably, or being taught by someone who can also make mistakes openly? (have a feeling that I am stating the obvious but it really impressed me this evening)

** the link to that song I am talking about

One partially related blog post that made me think again about perfection was written yesterday by Seth Godin.