25 Honest Reasons Why I Started this Blog

by Zhenya

This post is inspired by The Art and Craft of Blogging Challenge, Seth Godin’s post Exhaustive lists as a reliable tool and of course Simon Sinek’s Start with Why which I am re-reading now.

Does making a list of each and every reason to start this blog present a real challenge to me? Is this (already) a part of reflecting? My attempt to answer is the list below.

[The order in this list is random and does not reflect the importance of this or that idea to me]


  1. get to know more like-minded souls in my professional field

  2. have a feel for/define social media to myself (Note: I have started using my Facebook and Twitter accounts at about the same time as this blog)

  3. find my own professional niche

  4. discover my own writing voice, or style

  5. practice my skills of writing in English

  6. challenge myself professionally

  7. keep my mind active and alert between my training trips and other projects…

  8. and remember the experience and reflect on it during those intensive courses I run several times a year

  9. find new collaborative projects and participate in them (can be as simple as co-writing with someone in my field!)

  10. re-connect with amazing people I have already been fortunate to work with (we often lose touch after a project is over, and e-mails do not seem to be a meaningful tool in everyday busy lives)

  11. share my own experience in teaching, training and working in academic management…

  12. looks like the above means ‘self promote myself?’ hm, is this the meaning of being honest then?

  13. learn how to balance personal and professional in myself (or… learn how the others can(not) do that!)

  14. increase the level of depth and width in my reflective skills

  15. bring a variety of new lenses into my own reflective practices

  16. share my passion for the ELT field in general and for reflection using the Experiential Learning Cycle in particular

  17. find solutions to the challenges I face both during the projects and between them

  18. help others find solutions

  19. help others find new questions

  20. articulate my own beliefs in teaching and learning

  21. re-examine and re-consider my beliefs (and reflect ‘in-depth’? Wait, I think I’ve seen this reason above!)

  22. be/stay connected to the great learning and reflecting teaching community (and hopefully become a part of it)

  23. find new reasons for blogging, redefine it, and continue writing in 2015!

  24. categorize the reasons above and come up with a meaningful order in this list …

  25. by perhaps creating a new blog? Too early to say that! 🙂

Are there any reasons for blogging that are the same for you? What else motivates you to write and share?