IATEFL bloggers: Interview with Jonathan Ingham

Even though IATEFL 2014 finished on Saturday, ELT professionals keep talking, tweeting and blogging about the event. As you surely know, there is a group of Harrogate Online Registered Bloggers‘ writing about the Conference. Some of them are attendees or presenters, and some (including myself) can be called ‘virtual delegates’ and joined the event online from various parts of the world.

Adam Simpson started a blog ‘chain reaction’ about a week ago to help introduce the Harrogate Online Registered bloggers to their readers and to each other.

‘I choose two or three of this year’s registered bloggers and introduce them on my blog. These bloggers have then in turn chosen other registered bloggers and interview them… and so it goes on until you all have a good idea of who will be blogging about this year’s event’

I was interviewed by David Harbinson, and then had an opportunity and pleasure to ‘e-meet’ Jonathan Ingham and would like to share my interview with him.


  1. Please introduce yourself

Hi, I’m Jonny and I’m a teacher, teacher trainer, Director of Studies and examiner based at International House Palermo in Sicily. I’ve been working in EFL for the last 8 years and have also worked in schools in Buenos Aires, Cambridge, and in my home town of Saffron Walden.


  1. Which talk/session are you most looking forward to from this year’s IATEFL?

To be completely honest, I haven’t had a chance to have a good look at the programme.  Not being in Harrogate, I won’t have the luxury of picking and choosing favourite speakers and topics, I’ll have to see what gets recorded. This is what I’ve done in the last few years and I’ve always found useful sessions and ideas. I have noticed that there is a recorded session by Liz Soars, of Headway fame, and I’m looking forward to watching that.**


** Zhenya’s note: at the time I was posting the interview Jonny had already written a post about a talk by Liz Soars. Don’t miss it, and share your answers to the three questions at the very end of it! 


  1. Which areas of ELT are you interested in?

I’m really interested in teaching pronunciation so hope to find some sessions on that.  As a new CELTA trainer, I’m really interested in teacher training too. In terms of management, I’ve also developed an interest in the importance of creating community in language schools: amongst students, teachers, and also between managers in different schools.


4. Are you attending the event in person this year? How do you plan to manage your time?

Unfortunately, I’ll not be there, but will be watching some of the recorded sessions at the weekend.


5. Could you tell us a bit about your blog?

I’m new to blogging and only started my blog ‘Recipes for the EFL classroom’ in January. It’s basically a collection of my favourite classroom activities and teaching techniques that I’ve picked up over the years. I wanted to create a blog where readers can take away practical ideas to use in class straight away. I took the analogy of a lesson plan being like a recipe, and activities, courses in a meal; the blog is organised and presented as such, with the inclusion of an actual recipe from time to time. The blog will obviously take time to build as more activities are added and I hope that it will evolve into a useful resource for teachers. I’ve been amazed by the response and audience it has received already, largely thanks to the support from the British Council Learning English Facebook page.


  1. Why did you sign up to be a Harrogate Online ELT blogger?

I’ve attended a number of ELT conferences, in the UK and here in Italy but I’ve never  actually attended IATEFL. I always try to follow some sessions online and find this a really useful resource for teachers so thought I’d like to help share some of these. I must admit that I am not likely to have a huge amount of time to post much, but I’ll do my best.


I am looking forward to learning more EFL Recipes with Jonny and cooking lots of really delicious meals for my students and colleagues! 

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2 Responses to IATEFL bloggers: Interview with Jonathan Ingham

  1. Anthony Ash says:

    I didn’t know about the registered bloggers, which is pretty bad of me as I’m a keen blogger myself, how did you find it? Have you enjoyed it?


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