About the ‘About’ Page

Is it just me, or do you also feel the need to make changes and reviews in various areas of your life at this time of the year? I am currently in that mood!

My old About page on this blog said the following:

Title: About the site, the author, and … Wednesdays

Hi there, My name is Zhenya Polosatova and I am learning how to write a blog. It is Wednesday today, and I also called this blog Wednesday Seminars. Coincidence? Almost: for a long time of my employed career I used to work in a language school where every Wednesday we would have a Professional Development (PD) meeting with all the teachers. Well, to be more precise, every week I had to prepare and then run this session. Our school had about 15 teachers on average, and most of them were very experienced (and those who had less experience had a huge desire to learn things about teaching, learning, classroom management ideas, etc.) At various times I had a different attitude to those seminars: from being really excited about the idea to really not knowing what else to bring; from being happy and inspired by the teachers’ response, to feeling down and sad and even lost… Anyway, those sessions helped me develop as a teacher and trainer, and also helped me stay realistic about my own limits and motivated me to learn new things every week. I miss the school, and I miss those seminars. I opened a folder on my computer (by now you can easily guess the folder’s name) and I saw that I have so many notes of those sessions: some are detailed, some are sketchy, some refer to a paper handout or a picture which I am not sure I can find now, some are really simple and even a bit naive, and some are still relevant and can be used in my next course for teachers… I decided to share them here, and then who knows, maybe they can also help someone else trying to figure out what to bring to the teachers in their schools?

I re-read the above and felt the urge for a change. First of all, I realized that I have not been writing from my old folder with sessions notes and activity ideas — instead, new ones popped up in my head. Second, I now see this blog as a reflective space more than anything, and much less as a place for sharing teaching ideas. Need to be honest with my readers. Third, I think starting this blog helped me feel better about not being a part of the school any longer, and I think I finally came over that nostalgic feeling I used to have. I feel I am ready to move forward.

Now I have a question to myself: what will my About page be saying? What is this blog about? How is it different from writing a private professional (reflective) journal? One thing I know for sure is that there will be a word ‘reflection’ on that page.

As you see, my new About page is currently … loading. Under construction. Thank you for reading, and for joining me in my beginning blogging steps this year.

A couple of places which can tell you about me and what I am doing:

I sometimes write for iTDI Blog (and would like to do it more often!), co-organize and co-host Educational Hub Teacher Sharing Days in Ukraine, and have been a founder and coordinator of Reflective Practice Group in Dnipro, Ukraine.

guest posts 

in 2015 I shared a reading lesson plan for TEFL Equity Advocates (The lesson’s reading materials were based on Mike Griffin’s post) and in 2014 a post on Michael Griffin’s blog Thoughts on Being a Non-Native Speaker Teacher Trainer .


  1. the ‘likes’ on my About page were given for the previous text on that page (not sure what to do about this, need your advice)

  2. the name of this blog will also remain the same: Wednesday Seminars at International House DNK (aka IH Dnipro) are a warm reminder of, and appreciation for, the passionate commitment to professional development of everyone working there.

About Zhenya

ELT: teacher educator, trainer coach, reflective practice addict https://wednesdayseminars.wordpress.com/.
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2 Responses to About the ‘About’ Page

  1. ven_vve says:

    Hi Zhenya,
    I remember this moment of..let’s call it recognition when I first read your About page. I think I told you at some point that we had (probably) similar PD sessions at Octopus on Fridays. Reading this post I get this feeling again. I also started my blog – thanks to Hana’s warm encouragement most of all – building on my experiences at Octopus. I still think the name is pretty apt, but I see it increasingly as a place where I can write about online learning. I guess I thought it would be very hard to let go of Octopus, and it certainly hasn’t been easy, but almost two years on I feel as if I’m not quite that teacher anymore.
    I’m not sure what you should do about the likes – I think I’d leave them, but say that the page content is now different and link to this post. I think people would be interested to see how the page evolved. I know I am. 🙂 Best of luck in 2015!


    • Zhenya says:

      Hi Vedrana

      Thank you for your encouraging comment! Of course I remember how connected I felt when I first read about you and your blog. I really like the ‘after’ in your blog name though – shows that it is the next stage in your professional life. I like how you call this feeling: a recognition. Yes, seeing our blogs as a space to write about what we are currently doing or thinking about makes so much sense! My feeling about that past experience can be described as Gratitude: for the learning, experience, people and skills. For becoming who I am now. Also, thank you for the idea to leave the ‘likes’ and adding the links and letting others see the ‘evolution’ of this learning space. P.S. the PD sessions at our school are on Fridays, not Wednesdays, this year. Another reminder that everything changes, and it is not the format, or title, that matters most. Thank you for reading. Stay warm, and have a good time preparing for a happy 2015!

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