5-minute warmer

by Zhenya

In your culture, do you sometimes have a period of time when there are two long weekends in one month and very few working/learning days between these public holidays? May is such a month here, and I am sharing a short activity that can be used as a warmer on a lesson during such a week. (another cultural note: students are often a little late to class on such days, and many are absent taking trips, etc., so teachers might need a bit of ‘time-stretching’ at the very beginning of a lesson)


Read the ideas below and put an arrow to the left ← if you did that last weekend, or to the right →, if this is possible to happen next weekend. Be ready to share in small groups/pairs.

** please see the handout here: MayDayActivity

List of ideas:

a phone call from someone I haven’t heard for a while

a phone call to someone I haven’t heard for a while

a pleasant meeting

something I have always wanted to do but never found time for

a book / magazine / website I loved

a movie I saw

a new joke I heard

a place to see / visit

a promise to myself

… (add what else you did or are planning)

What else do you do in class on the days between too many days off?

Thank you for reading 🙂


A snapshot from a day trip to Khortica Island, Ukraine