Readiness to Begin a Course

by Zhenya

Do you like making lists, mind maps and checklists? Well, I do. I think they work very well for the project-based type of work I have been involved in for the last 5 years or so. By a ‘project’ I mean an intensive training course for teachers, or for trainers, an online support/mentoring of a school or a site, or a curriculum development project.

This year I decided to experiment and see if I can create a kind of checklist to prepare myself for a coming project (and my blog seems to be an ideal storage place for such ideas — and a sharing opportunity of course!) The ideas below are focusing on an intensive teacher training course I am about to start.

Am I ready in each of these areas? What needs to be reviewed?


details and resources about the main project (timeline (beginning and end), defined objectives and goals, a team of people and their roles, reporting system, etc.)

ideas and (possible) resources for any side projects

social (especially for traveling)

‘Here’ — is all the housework planned/done? Family members taken care of?

There — am I in touch with the people I will be working with? Are we a team?

Are any other projects put on hold (and communication happened?) or delegated?

physical (relevant mostly for traveling)

climate, weather reports

fitness plan

practical (logistical) questions

Do I have the necessary details? What questions need to be asked?

Have I thought about the things to do/buy/bring/pack, etc.?

overall questions

Is my ‘positive regard’ hat on? (this article in Wikipedia describes it well)

Am I ready to be a learner?

Am I in ‘Beginner’s Mind’?**

** To see what this is about, read this post by Matthew Noble, aka @ NewbieCELTA


Have I forgotten anything else?

How do you prepare for a project?


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Thank you for reading! 🙂