What’s in a Title?

Another summer is ending, and a new academic year is approaching. In Ukraine it starts on September 1 (state schools and universities) and between September 1 and 20 (private schools, language centers, etc.) In any case, it is the time of planning, setting goals, meeting (potential) students and getting ready for the academic year.

My own academic year begins with a goal: create and pilot a practical/experiential mini-course for academic managers helping teachers develop and grow. [Note: I am currently starting a new project which I am hoping to write more about in the near future]

A course for ‘academic managers’ is a working title for the course. If I start to think more about how I should call it, I see many choices, some of which are listed below

  1. Director of Studies
  2. ‘ADoS’ as ‘assistant Director of Studies’
  3. ‘ADoS’ as ‘acting’ Director of Studies’
  4. Director for Teacher Education
  5. Director for Teacher Education and Development
  6. Academic Manager
  7. Academic Leader
  8. Academic Coordinator
  9. Head of (Training) Department
  10. Head of (Academic) Department

Does a title matter?

Which one(s) do/would you prefer (if you are teacher and there is someone helping you develop)? Why?

Which one(s) do/would you prefer to be referred to (or to write in your CV/resume, etc.)? Why?

Is there a more ‘general’ term to refer to this position?

I personally worked as an ADoS (when my boss and I had different ideas about the letter ‘A’!), DoS and the Director for Teacher Education and Development. I slightly prefer the last one because it shows more detail about the job itself, at the same time it is a long one to remember (or to translate, for example)

What do you think?

[will finish this post now and continue my prep for the exciting academic year!]



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3 Responses to What’s in a Title?

  1. careymicaela says:

    Hi Zhenya!
    I do think titles are important and personally I prefer the term Academic Coordinator. To me it sounds like a person who is there to help and support without being overbearing. The words ‘leader’ and ‘manager’ seem a bit too intrusive to me but I suppose it all depends on how you define and what you expect from the people who will be in this role.

    Good luck with the new academic year!!


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    • Zhenya says:

      Hi Micaela
      Thank you for your comment! Yes, ‘coordinator’ sounds like an equal (not someone ‘above’ the teachers). Similar to the student-centered philosophy in teaching, in some way? Also agree that the job description and tasks vary in organizations.

      Have fun in your classes – are they starting soon?
      xx Zhenya


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