My Blogging Mood

I sometimes have this idea about me being different depending on the project I am involved in, or the place where I travel, or the thoughts I have, etc. One example can be me speaking English versus L1-s, or being on a face-to-face course versus doing other non-training work (writing, reviewing, etc.) or blogging and not blogging actively. Sometimes I wish these ‘personalities’ could interact with each other, share the wisdom from the momentum, reminding that they all exist.

I am now taking notes from this ‘Blogging Time’ inspiration, where writing feels easy, ideas come naturally and page after page appears smoothly (and I want to write more and more). I know this will pass. I simply want to remember how it feels, and get back to this page when I am not in the shape to produce a post.

Tips to remind myself about:

  1. start a new post as soon as the previous one is published: you will most likely have an idea of a topic to develop, and even some starting points to make; sometimes, half a draft can come up without an effort;
  2. create a folder with the post ideas: start collecting images and add them there, which will help you take another look at the topic/title, make a note or even a paragraph, depending on the time available;
  3. decide when you want to post the next one and mark in the calendar, including its topic (a bit of commitment and some realistic planning never hurts);
  4. set a time (and again mark it in the calendar) when you will do the actual writing; usually it is about an hour for me, provided that there are some ideas drafted and the topic has been ‘brewing’ in my head for some time;
  5. re-read, edit, proofread, check links and publish (don’t delay this for too long, as the ‘spur of the moment’ might disappear!);
  6. hit ‘publish’ and repeat!

a moment to capture

Notes and thoughts:

  • yes, some topics require more serious reading/research/think time, so it may take much longer to come up with a quality post
  • well, the whole procedure could take about 15 minutes, as with this short post
  • no, you don’t always need an image

It may be a natural thing to share such tips and plan at the beginning of a new year (jotted this down in January and curious how I would feel about it in March, July and October! :))

Do you have any ‘tips to self’ to share in order to capture your productive (or any other) mood?

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ELT: teacher educator, trainer coach, reflective practice addict
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