On May 12 I will be co-presenting at InnovateELT Conference (#iELT18 on Twitter ) with my friend and colleague Tana Ebaugh.

Can you find me in the picture? 🙂

The event’s theme this year is Fun?! Delight and Struggle In ELT.

The title of our session is ‘Let’s Play – Professional Development!’

Our session description says the following:

Professional Development is often thought about with dread by those who have to plan it and those who have to sit through it. We would like to break that assumption by introducing an added a ‘game element’ to a professional development session. The board game we designed can be different every time you play it, contextualizing itself to the players’ work and life experiences, and interests. You will be able to play a part of the game, analyze it and brainstorm its possible uses as a Professional Development tool for you and your colleagues.

Taken by Tana during the game pilot. April 2018, South Korea.

The format we chose is called ‘Drop-in session’. This is a new format for iELT18, and for us. Several ‘drop-ins’ will be running simultaneously, and attendees will be encouraged to move between them, dropping in and out as they explore the different sessions. The main thing is that the session is engaging and works with people dropping in and out over the course of the hour. 

Tana and I have been developing our ideas for the game over the last 14 months or so. I love many things about the process: bouncing thoughts and drafts across the globe, brainstorming shorter and longer (pilot) versions, creating questions for the game, editing rules and instructions (never getting them perfect!), asking questions, etc. My favorite part was… playing our game!

We are excited (and a little nervous) to share what we have come up with so far, so… If you happen to be attending iELT18, we hope to see you in our session! If not, just keep your fingers crossed for us!

Thank you for reading! 🙂

P.S. Here is the Schedule of the event. Please find us in room 19 between 16.55 and 17.35, and don’t forget to drop in to the other eight amazing sessions running at the same time!

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7 Responses to Co-Presenting!

  1. Sounds much fun, both the conference and your game:) Good luck, Zhenya!


  2. Linda-Marie says:

    I hope you’ll share some of the details of your drop-in board game! I see in the picture that there are “novice” cards….I’d love to know more!


    • Zhenya says:

      Thank you for this note and your curiosity! Still deciding which elements to bring for the session. The cards ask the player to share the perspective (the answer to the question) from the ‘novice’ teacher point of view (what they used to believe on the topic in the past, and how that changed)
      Hope to share more details, will see in which format!

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  4. Sandy Millin says:

    That looks like a fascinating CPD idea. And more play-like than my Playbook, which I also wanted to not be too much hard work! 🙂


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