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If you read my blog from time to time you may know about our EduHub Teacher Sharing Day initiative in Dnipro, Ukraine, I have co-organized three times so far. Following this link, you will learn more about our ELT Pecha Kucha Hour, with more links to the earlier posts.

The latest event was in November 2019, with a theme ‘ELT Approaches and Formats

One of our speakers was Valentina Popova**, my friend and colleague based in Kyiv. During the event, and afterwards via e-mail we spoke about possible ways to start small workshops for her colleagues, as it is the first time she is planning to offer her own project as a ‘trainer-preneur’. This post will share our conversation about the event details in the form of questions and answers. You are more than welcome to join our chat!

** Please scroll to the end of the post to learn more about Valentina.

Her session title was ‘CLIL: from Enigma to Routine‘, and the description said the following:

‘Have you always been captivated by the idea of bringing some effective modern techniques into your classroom? You can easily do it implementing the CLIL method. Attend the session if you want to know what it is, how it works, and why it is considered to be efficient. In the session we are also going to talk about planning a CLIL lesson, and try planning it for your students.’

Questions and answers about organizing a workshop for teachers:

1) How do I advertise it? Just post on my Facebook profile as a status update? 

I think starting from Facebook is a good step, although, I would think of a person (at least one) who would be potentially interested to come. You will know there is one person, so if no-one else shows up, it will be a professional conversation.

I would also contact people on social media directly and ask about the topic, the day, the time, etc. In a way, start a conversation about it, get them curious, and also ask to spread the word. I know it sounds like investing time, but if you are planning long-term, should be a good investment. Later, people will advertise it by sharing happy posts and pictures, etc. Just my thoughts.

2) Is 3 weeks in advance enough?

For a start, I think it is. Later, in the month [we talked about December], everyone will focus on gifts and holidays.

3) What minimum number of People would you consider?

To me personally, four participants is a good starting number. The more the better, but  three people is a hard number for me (the same is true for the lessons with students) Again, it is a very personal opinion. I am a big believer of ‘starting small’ and then growing, rather than the other way around 🙂

4) And of course the burning question is the price)) I don’t want to make it expensive but like I mentioned before, who doesn’t pay, that doesn’t care)

Yes, there is a belief about being free meaning not being good quality. Interesting that our Reflective Practice Group in Dnipro seems to be an exception (our 4th season started this September) Now, I am not a marketing person to calculate the price, but I’d think of a comfortable sum for an hour of work (for the delivery of the session) and add some more for the marketing/prep effort. And/or compare with what the others charge in Kyiv. I think all cities in Ukraine are very different in terms of tuition fee, and income/wages, etc. 

Questions to readers:

  1. How would you answer to the questions above, taking your context into account?
  2. If you were starting out a teacher training project for teachers in your area, what else would you want to ask, or keep in mind?

Thank you for reading!


Valentina is a holder of CELTA and IHCYLT certificates and has been teaching English for 18 years. She is currently teaching English, Maths, Science, Geography, History and Reasoning to primary-school children at a British school called Oxford Prime Academy in Kyiv, Ukraine, and implements CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) method every day. Valentina’s entire work rests on the following premise: only if students (regardless of age) enjoy the process of learning, the outcomes can be successful.

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