Blog Birthday: 6!

My blog is turning 6 years old this month. It was my 6th Twitter-versary yesterday, and I got a reminder from Twitter with a suggestion to celebrate the occasion with a tweet. Which I did 🙂

I created the blog in October 2013, but then it took me about 2 months to actually hit the ‘publish’ button for the first time. I started writing in December 2013 with a ‘self-challenge’ to post every day for a month. I think I managed to post only 16 days in a row (at least this is what the Archive section on the main page shows)

6 down

How come I had this much energy and time for writing in December that year? It is not like that every year of my life. This time though, I would like to pause and feel the reflective mood of this month, and take a chance to think back to the year and see what was important, what was achieved and what was not. [Note to self: this might be a whole new post in the near future]

This blog was initially designed for sharing some of my ‘archived’ ideas from the teaching times, and had imagined it would be mostly ‘ELT’ conversations about good/best teaching practices. Somehow, the blog turned into a reflective narration (or lounge, really) for various ideas and projects I was/have been taking part in, my ‘preparation lab’ or a place to have a quick ‘trainer chat’. This blog turned into a space where I am comfortable to invite my colleagues and friends, and to even co-write some of the posts together, or interview them about the ideas they are passionate about. At some point, my fellow Ukrainian ELT-ers started reading this blog, and this motivates me even more.

Now, 150 posts later, I would like to keep writing. I dream to bring more like-minded ELT-ers here in the coming year. I hope to share how my (creative) learning about teaching and training continues. I am sure I will have questions to ask you!

What would you like to see (more of) on this blog? Is there a topic or a question we could write about together? A conversation we started offline or on Twitter (or at a conference?) that could turn into something bigger? Let me know please!

Finally, I want to thank you all for helping me stay connected with the international ELT world through this small sharing lounge, for the chance to throw in my thoughts and questions, challenges and tangles, solutions and options, listicles and paragraphs out. I really value the readers’ caring eyes to stop by, think together, and possibly respond. 

Till new posts!

What’s the future holding?

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5 Responses to Blog Birthday: 6!

  1. Andriy Ruzhynskiy says:

    Happy birthday! You have been doing a great job, Zhenya! 🙂 Keep it up!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Sandy Millin says:

    Happy birthday! I started my blog in an October too, and didn’t publish until January, just 2 or 3 years before you 🙂 So glad you blog as it triggers so many thoughts and ideas, and glad to have finally met you in person! Here’s to another 6 years (and many more after that!)

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