Question Mark Project, 1/3

What’s your creative outlet these days? Have you been doing anything new, something you’d never even thought you will find yourself engaged in? A lot of people I know or follow on social media have been talking about creative activities and projects they engaged in, e.g. some have been cooking and baking, some were coloring, others were taking drawing/painting lessons, or practiced the art of calligraphy writing.

A mini-project I was playing with was about Questions. Or Question Marks, to be precise.

What was that about? Well, as simple as what the image above shows: every morning, I drew a question mark and colored it in different way, depending on my mood and thoughts, the day’s tasks, and the tools I had at hand. One day, one question mark. And a date. I kept doing this for about a month, in October-November this year. It was my ‘sanity management tool’. I realized I did not have the patience and time for something serious, and really wanted to have some daily chunk of time for my running outside. The 2 minutes this project took was just a perfect way to start my day. While drawing each question mark, I kept thinking about the day’s goals, challenges, or highlights.

I noticed that some days were missing a question mark. Can you guess what kind of days these were? Yes, the ‘happy ones’: the days when I had a hike to look forward to (and a very early start to the day), or when the weather was especially inviting and took me outside immediately.

Can I use the idea for (ELT) teaching or training activities? Hm… let’s wait for my next post.

Thank you for reading!

About Zhenya

ELT: teacher educator, trainer coach, reflective practice addict
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