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You are reading the shortest post I have ever written on this blog. 

Today, Wednesday, 24 February, at noon UTC (2 pm in Ukraine) I participate in the teacher meet up organized by Tim Hampson and Mike Griffin’s The ELT Workshop

If you are planning to attend, we will meet very soon today. If you have not registered but would like to join, here is the link to do that. By the way, if you register, you will receive their monthly updates with the upcoming webinars, news in the field, recommended resources and other exciting ideas. My favorite thing about the events organized by the team is the informal and fun feel, interactive format and the people who join. 

To spark your curiosity, let me share what we are going to talk about. Hopefully, it will look/sound vague and unclear enough to motivate you to join us! 🙂 

Update: It was fun! Thank you for this chance to hang out with cool ELT people, Mike and Tim, and for everyone who joined. 

Here is the link to the recording. First, it is a Workshop Game on the topic of ‘What would we like teachers/trainers/publishers/schools give up for Lent?’. My part begins at around 23′. 

These were the questions I had prepared, but I don’t think we needed them.

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2 Responses to Talking Shop

  1. ven_vve says:

    Hi Zhenya,
    Thanks for sharing the recording (and thanks to the organizers for recording the event)! I enjoyed watching it and thought some interesting points were raised. I liked the tip you mentioned – smiling as you give feedback. Think I’ll try that out; if I do, I’ll report back. Anyway, I think I said in a comment on one of your recent posts that I really appreciate the different ways of keeping in touch with the ELT community: blogs, Twitter and (recordings of) events such as this one. It’s CPD I don’t get a certificate for but enjoy very much nevertheless. 🙂

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    • Zhenya says:

      Hi Vedrana
      Thank you for listening, reading, and leaving the comment. Yes, I would be curious to hear how the ‘smiling feedback’ works for you. I can’t say I always do this, it would be a lie. But I do try to track a moment when I feel tired of writing (or something else) realize how that impacts what I am saying to the participants, and how. I take a break and then get back.

      And true, ‘CPD without a certificate’ may be enjoyable 🙂
      Till our next catch up or blog post!

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