Social Media in/as My Ongoing PD

I’d like to share a link to the article I wrote for ETAS (English Teachers Association Switzerland) Magazine written in 2019. I must say it is interesting to re-read my pre-pandemic notes and reflect on ‘then’ and ‘now’. The following are still true: 

‘If you ask me what the most significant element of quality ELT professional development is (for teachers, trainers, writers), I would say it is meaningful reflective conversations about the process and result of teaching and learning’.

‘Social media has become an organic part of how I am learning about teaching, learning and living.’

‘My online learning and developing has brought several amazing projects into my working universe’. 

Please read the full article here .

Have you started using social media differently in the last year? What are your recent ‘A-Ha-s’ and insights?


Al Shaheed Park in Kuwait

Taken by Zhenya in Al Shaheed Park, Kuwait.

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ELT: teacher educator, trainer coach, reflective practice addict
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