Activity 107: on Planning (to Plan)

Do you plan your time? (Disclaimer: I have never met a teacher who answers ‘no’ to this question. I have met colleagues who don’t 100% of their lessons, but that’s a different story).

A long, long time ago we had a meeting with our Reflective Practice Group in Dnipro where we talked about Time Management (in teaching and beyond), and the pre-session questions asked:

  • What existing TM systems/books/apps do you know/use?
  • Do they work for you?
  • How can they be adapted?

During the session, Olga (who facilitated it) asked another one: ‘In your life outside the classroom, what do (not) you plan? Why (not)?’ and this conversation was full of productive ideas about some parts of our lives being more spontaneous (e.g., money to spend in a book store, or even what’s for dinner, etc.). It is interesting how some questions can ‘last’ for years and generate answers.

In fact, I wanted to call this post ‘What can you [really!] plan?’ and talk about some areas that we can feel ‘in control of’, even when there are life circumstances and obstacles on the way. Hopefully, this quick picture shows the idea of the activity, as well as some of my answers:

Ask this small ‘bonus’ question: ‘What else can you [actually] plan‘? and see what might come up.

A follow-up? I don’t know yet. I think the focus on this ‘control area’ was helpful for me personally, as the picture was made in my calendar for the month of June. Having done that, I noticed that the ‘social’ aspect got very few ideas, and the ‘online’ note helped me initiate a couple of warm Zoom calls I am very much looking forward do.

Are there any ideas you would add? Would this activity work in your context (and why, or why not)? Would you plan to try it out for me? 🙂

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As you may have guessed, it is one of the classroom activities from the project on this blog: ‘It’s in (Y)Our Hands‘ to acknowledge the active phase of the war with Russia happening in Ukraine. One day, one activity title. Subsequently, a blog post. 

I’d like to recommend you take a look at what this 15-year-old artist is doing in his attempt to fund raise for the children in need in Kyiv region: ‘I draw pictures which display every day of the war. I will be very grateful if you buy some of my pictures to support me and my country.’ The project called ‘Ukraine War Chronicles‘ is a a charity auction. Please spread the word about it, and please #StandWithUkraine!

Thank you for reading this post!

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