50 words

Have you ever heard of ’50-word stories’ (or mini-sagas)? Do you like the genre of ‘micro’-writing? Well, I do. To me personally, it started a long time ago, when I first saw the lesson on this topic in English Files Upper-Intermediate course book (old edition). My students created their own sagas, and they were even published in the school newspaper at that time – but that’s not the point now.

The authors used the idea from The Telegraph’s competition (you can follow this link for some examples) and it made me start my search. I was surprised to find out that this is a popular idea even in the world outside an ELT classroom: you can enter an on-going competition and even win a prize, you can try it as a creative writing exercise, or can simply enjoy reading them (and even buy a book of those stories!)

I also found out that this genre of writing can have a lot of titles: flash-fiction, micro-fiction, ‘smoke long’ story, ‘palm-sized’ story, micro narrative, micro-story, and even sudden fiction.

You might be wondering why I am writing all this on my blog. Well, did I already say that I really like the idea? I would like to ‘play’ with it for some time and add a ‘Teacher Training’ twist to the 50-word writing.

50-word writing…

… is longer than a Tweet (but fits into a Facebook status update), requires less structure than Haiku or Tanka, is (much?) shorter than a blog post, takes no time to read, leaves a lot of space to share an idea…

The big attractive part to me is that I can use this (safe and comfortable) learning space as my ‘idea catching’ tool, and this might eventually grow into longer posts, and hopefully, many more conversations and comments (keeping them to 50 words is not a must — but I promise to reply in at least about 50 words)

Why 50 words? Recently I have been involved in various writing projects and found it hard to be writing more for pleasure. Thoughts come and go, they need to be ‘caught’. Even as short as 50 words, such pieces should still allow me reflect and develop.

What would ‘my fifty’ include? Thoughts and notes related to observation, feedback, planning and running input sessions, assessment, people skills, time management, scheduling, and many other sides from the life of a teacher trainer/educator. These will be my own beliefs, examples, theories, questions (and more questions!), some answers, some doubts and a lot of reflection.

Please see how I started here (50-word-notes from December 2015) or click at the links at the top of the page, just above the image, for more recent entries.