I am a teacher educator based in Ukraine and working worldwide. I genuinely believe that ‘inspired teachers inspire learners’, and treat this idea as my mantra.

Having become an independent ELT consultant I realized I can reach and inspire more teachers to love and value their jobs. For over 10 years now I have been involved in (big and small, local and international, online and face-to-face) projects on curriculum design/development/review, training new teachers and coaching new trainers and mentors.


About this blog:

Freelancer’s life is a cycle of (super-) busy times on a project, and quiet(er) times in-between. This blog is my bridge between the two. I see it as a means to reach my colleagues, peers and fellow trainers. 

I have been sharing ideas from ‘behind the scene’ of a course, a training workshop, or a conference presentation. Sometimes the ideas is practical, sometimes my posts analyze and (re-)consider my beliefs, and some are my ‘planning process’ where I am asking questions and considering options. Some posts are about new initiatives I am starting or joining. Some are about successes, and some are reflections on what did not work. [Note: You can also read how this Page evolved over time in my post here]


All views expressed on this site are my own, not of any institutions I work or have worked with. 

@ZhenyaDnipro on Twitter


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