I am an ELT/TESOL/TEFL teacher trainer. I am from Ukraine but work internationally. My passion is Teacher  Education and Development. My mantra is ‘Inspired teachers inspire learners’.

Having become a freelance ELT educational consultant I realized I can reach and inspire more teachers around the world to love and value their jobs. Since 2010 I have been involved in (big and small) projects on curriculum design/development/review, training new trainers and mentors/academic managers.


About this blog:

Being a freelancer involves having busy times on a project, and quiet times between the projects. This blog is a bridge between both ‘worlds’ I am living in. I also see it as a means to reach (connect, and inspire!) my colleagues, peers, fellow trainers. Inspire to think together, or to act. Inspire to reflect and keep up. I will be sharing ideas from ‘behind the scene’ of a course, a training workshop, or a single session. Sometimes the ideas will be practical, sometimes the posts will analyze and (re-)consider my beliefs, but there always will be a lot of reflection. I am also hoping that one day this blog will help to write a book of my dream. We’ll see.

You can also read how this Page evolved over time in my post here.


A couple of places which can tell you about me and what I am doing:

1) ptec at pioneerconsortium.com has everything –  information, blog posts, interviews with people I work with, and more! (can start here and then look around for more)

2) guest posts I had honor and pleasure to write [Note: the blogs themselves are worth reading and following]

in 2016 I wrote for iTDI: Reflective Practice as a Way of Life and Group Feedback Sessions: Beliefs and Techniques.

in 2015 I shared a reading lesson plan for TEFL Equity Advocates (The lesson’s reading materials were based on Mike Griffin’s post) and shared a post on Substituting a Lesson for Another Teacher  through the Belgian English Language Teachers Association (BELTA) 

in 2014 I wrote  about Thoughts on Being a Non-Native Speaker Teacher Trainer and on Reflective Practices

3) interviews with me written by Mike Griffin and David Harbinson (feeling grateful and honored to have been invited)

Finally, I am open for feedback, blog post ideas, collaborative projects, discussions and partnerships. Let’s stay in touch.

Note: All views expressed on this site are my own, not of any institutions I work with