Blogging Habits (1)

by Zhenya

This short post was inspired by Vedrana Vojkovich — in her post called ‘Expectations Satisfied?’ she reflects on her first blogging year, and writes the following:

‘I take quite a long time to get started, and then even longer to finish a post off. No hitting publish for me unless I’ve quadruple-checked everything, slept on it, quadruple-checked again…Yes, I realize that’s sort of not the point of a blog, but there _is_ an upside: generally, I can go back and reread my posts without too much cringing. At least that’s what I tell myself. I should probably emphasize that I cringe at the smallest details. In my writing, I hasten to add, not other people’s. I do admire people who can dash off a post, hit publish, sit back and relax. How do you do it? Any practical suggestions?’

The questions she asked at the end of the paragraph above made me think about my own writing, and then I decided to write this post with questions.

Some of my posts do take a lot of time to be ‘born’: I am thinking about the title, the sections, the images, links, etc. Some are more spontaneous, impatient, as if my main goal is to share and/or get feedback for my ideas. The fun part is that the readers (You!) seem to sense those moments and reply with comments.

Overall, my blogging habits are still shaping. I am making notes at the moment when ideas for possible posts ‘catch’ me — so the notes are everywhere (my computer, my planner, pieces of paper, on my phone, in the drafts in my e-mail box, etc.) I sometimes lose them, and then (happily!) find them — very much later sometimes. Also, I could come across the title I wanted to write about but… can’t remember what the content was supposed to be.

My questions to you about blogging, or writing in general, [habits, routines, tips] are:

  • What are your 2-3 favorite writing habits/rituals you find helpful?

  • What are 1-2 writing habits you find less helpful, (and would like to get rid of in the new year?)

  • What is one new idea (tip, habit) would you like to start in 2015, and why?


My own answers are coming soon – in Blogging Habits (2). Thank you for reading!


Oh, just before you leave, please be sure to do the following:

1) click on the Comments section below – there are so many fantastic ideas there from the readers

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3) continue reading about Blogging Habits in my next post (and see more links to the other blog authors who joined this sharing party!)