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As you know, I am a big believer in Teacher Reflection, Reflective Practices, Experiential Learning (Cycle) and day-by-day growth. Rigorous teaching reflections happen on the training courses teachers take, and then (and if lucky!) in the professional context they are working in (schools, language centers, etc.) Sometimes, however, there are not so many opportunities for further growth. Sometimes you might even feel a bit lonely in the attempts to learn something new and reflect on your students’ learning, successes, challenges and questions. This becomes even more true in locations where not so much PD (professional development) is offered: conferences, workshops, training sessions, etc. I am making a careful guess that our city [Dnipro, Ukraine] is one of such places. Please correct me if I am wrong.

My international friends and colleagues created a solution for this challenge, and called it ‘Reflective Practice Groups‘. In simple words, these are meetings where teachers have tea or coffee and talk about their students, teaching, questions, ideas, etc. The word ‘reflection’ itself has become a ‘buzz word’ in ELT world lately, but fortunately, our SIT TESOL Cert background and beliefs shaped a great way to reflect systematically and rigorously using a clear model. Yes, talking about the Experiential Learning Cycle, of course 🙂

Such meetings happen once a month, on a Saturday or Sunday, for example, and take about 2 hours. They are not ‘input’ sessions where you get new activities and ideas (there is a lot of this online), but these are ‘thinking’ sessions where the main learning comes from peers and colleagues. My colleagues in South Korea, Japan and USA (California) have started such groups already. I have been thinking about one in Dnipro. So…

My questions to you: do you think this idea has a future in Ukraine? What are possible reservations for starting one in our city? Would you personally like to attend such meetings?


RPG Dnipro is on the map! We had seven meetings in 2016-17 academic year, and are planning to open our 2017/18 season on September 30. The topic is A New School Year. 

Advice: if you decide to join us, please read about reflection and the format we use: ELC or the Art of Experiential Learning (here). Please contact me with questions.

Also, feel free to read about our meetings in the posts on this blog, for example, this one  about our December meeting or this one inspired by the meeting in January, or this post about the topics for the coming year.

Another way to reflect :-) In Spain, the Pirenei.

Another way to reflect 🙂 In Spain, the Pirenei.

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Also, this is a post by my friend and colleague who inspired me most: Josette LeBlanc. Her RP Group is in Daegu, South Korea (there are also groups in Seoul and Gwangju) Josette summarizes the idea nicely and more fully than me in her post on iTDI (with links to two more groups in other countries)